Construction status

The progress of Tonstad Vindpark project continues on track. The project has 4 main work fronts:

1) Civil works

2) Electrical works at substation

3) Overhead transmission line

4) Wind turbines

On the civil works front, the internal access roads have been completed and revegetation of the areas is ongoing. The foundations for 1/3 of the park are ready for installation of the wind turbines on top, while the other 2/3 are in progress. The service- and substation buildings have been completed.

Regarding the electrical works at substation, the high voltage equipment has been installed, the main transformers have arrived on site and are currently being installed. During June and July all of the substation equipment will be tested.

The overhead transmission line will connect the project’s substation to Ertsmyra substation. All of the poles have been installed and the stringing of conductors has been completed for 2/3 of the line and is ongoing for the remaining 1/3. The line and substation will be ready to be energized in August.

Several wind turbine components arrived at Feda port and transportation to the site has started. Erection of the first wind turbine will start within a month.