Risk of ice-throw

Green – No risk
Yellow and orange – low/middle risk. Follow advice below.
Red – High risk. Avoid høy risiko for ising. Avoid traffic near the turbines


  • Check risk of ice-throw on our website
  • Hazard increases with closeness to the turbines
  • Recommended safety-distance is 300 meters
  • Consider weather conditions: Risk is much greater when misty and temperatures are around 0 degrees celcius.
  • If you are walking towards a wind-turbine, do it with the wind in your back – then ice will drift with the wind away from you.


The first six (of 51) turbines in Tonstad wind farm are now producing energy. The assembly and electrification of the remaining turbines is ongoing.

Two turbines in Tonstad Wind farm have now begun to produce electricity. Average production per turbine will be approximately 12GWh per year.

The substation and the 132kV line in Tonstad Vindpark have been electrified.

The assembly of the first wind turbine of Tonstad Vindpark has begun.

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