Tonstad Vindpark is located in the municipalities of Sirdal and Flekkefjord. Project development commenced in 2009 when Havgul Clean Energy AS initiated the concession process. The concession application was submitted to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). As part of this process, an environmental impact assessment was conducted. This found that the wind farm area is one which yields high wind speed averages and relatively low environmental impact, having accounted for mitigation measures. Consequently, NVE issued a concession for the construction of Tonstad Vindpark in 2016. In NVE’s proposal for a domestic framework for onshore wind power, the area is defined as one of the most suitable for the development of wind power in Norway.

Construction commenced in mid-2018 and continued until 29 July 2020.

The wind farm has a capacity of 208.1 MW and consists of 51 turbines, which makes it one of the largest in Norway. 75% of the electricity produced will be sold to Hydro Energi under a 25-year offtake agreement.

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Tonstad Vindpark AS is a joint venture registered in Norway, partly owned by Engie (20%) and partly by SUSI Partners (80%).


Risa was contracted for civil construction works, Linjepartner built the 132 kV line from the wind farm substation to Ertsmyra substation, Siemens delivered the main transformers and high voltage equipment at the wind farm substation and the wind turbines were supplied by SiemensGamesa. Multiconsult was the owner’s technical advisor for the project.

Tonstad Vindpark team_CFO Terje Kulseng, CEO Benoit Ribesse, Construction director Tom Indesteege, Technical advisor Helge Toft, Head of Communication Henriette Sarah Holberg, CEO Engie Nordics Sandra Roche, Director Mounhime Ben-Ayata

Tonstad Vindpark team: CFO Terje Kulseng, CEO Benoit Ribesse, Construction director Tom Indesteege, Techincal advisor Helge Toft, Engie Norden director Mounhime Ben-Ayata, CEO Engie Nordics Sandra Roche, Head of Communications Henriette Sarah Holberg. Read more here. 

Tonstad Vindpark. Engie. Susi Partners. CEO Benoit Ribesse, CFO Terje Kulseng, Kommunikasjonsansvarlig Henriette Sarah Holberg, Anleggssjef Tom Indesteege, Anleggsmanager Daniel Villanueva, Teknisk rådgiver Helge Toft