Tonstad Ownership

Tonstad Vindpark is owned by SUSI Renewables II Sàrl, a limited partnership investment vehicle registered in Luxembourg. The limited partners (LPs) in the fund, which own 100% of SUSI Renewables II Sàrl, are institutional investors from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The fund bundles capital commitments from a variety of institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, multilateral development banks, and family offices, among others. It is worth noting that three quarters of the fund’s capital has been provided by pension funds mandated to invest the savings of their beneficiaries – current and future individual pensioneers – and thereby secure a respectable pension for thousands of European employees, rather than a select few individuals. In alignment with the liabilities of its investors, SUSI Renewables II Sàrl’s mandate targets long-term, stable investment returns, and investments were selected accordingly.

SUSI Renewables II Sàrl has a very specific mandate to invest in European renewable energy generation assets with the explicit aim to contribute to global climate change mitigation. Each investment is therefore required to bring about an objectively measurable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which reflects the sustainability preferences of its investors and their beneficiaries. It has therefore mandated SUSI Partners, a Swiss-based investment manager with an exclusive focus on energy transition infrastructure investments, and a strong focus on environmental and social compatibility, to invest the fund’s capital accordingly, and to manage the assets post-acquisition.

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